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Should I Call a Bondsman or an Attorney?

Most people who get arrested just want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. They usually end up calling the bondsman, posting bail and worrying about calling a lawyer later. But this isn’t always the best option and you can end up spending a lot more money this way. So why is it… Read more

What Types of Crimes Lead to the Loss of Professional Licensing

Being charged for a crime doesn’t always lead to the loss of your professional license, but many times it can. Even misdemeanor charges can have serious consequences. If you are a professional that holds a license it is important that you do not engage in any unprofessional conduct, as this could be career ending. The… Read more

Most Famous Celebrity DUIs

Just like us, celebrities make mistakes too. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is drinking and driving. But what are the most famous celebrity DUI’s, and how did they handle their poor choice? We’re counting down the top five celebrity DUI’s. 5. Mischa Barton Barton, most famous for her role on the O.C.,… Read more

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Bond Hearing?

A bail bond is set by a judge upon your first jail court hearing. It is always best to have an attorney for these hearings as they can help in a number of ways and make the process go much smoother. How will a lawyer help in a bond hearing in Arizona? A bond lawyer… Read more

How an Order of Protection Keeps You Safe

If you are in a relationship with someone who physically, emotionally or sexually abuses you or family members, that person is committing domestic violence and possibly a myriad of other crimes. It is important to know that you are not alone in your strife. People from all socioeconomic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds experience domestic violence…. Read more

What is the Process of Changing Probation Terms?

Many people on probation seek to change the terms of their sentence for a number of reasons. Usually they have a change in circumstance or an unexpected situation that arises that requires them to need to change the terms of their probation. You can get a judge to change the terms for a good cause,… Read more

Why Should I Have an Attorney for Pre-Arrest and Pre-Charge?

Having an attorney before you’ve been arrested or charged will give you your best chance of getting off without any charges. Hiring a lawyer if you think you’re going to be arrested will help you get the right information and make the right decisions for your case. Pre-charge and pre-arrest lawyers advise clients about what… Read more

Five Types of Domestic Violence

The thought of domestic abuse usually follows with physical abuse and violence, but there’s more to abuse than just physically hurting the victim. There are actually five different forms of domestic violence, and some people don’t even realize when they’re experiencing one. 1. Physical Abuse The first form of domestic violence is physical abuse. This… Read more

Technology to Help You Avoid a DUI

Technology has dramatically changed our lives for the better. Of all the benefits modern smartphones provide, arguably one of the greatest is the ability to avoid DUI and the serious penalties that accompany it. Avoiding DUIs With Technology Ride sharing services including Uber and Lyft have virtually revolutionized their respective industry, making cabfare more affordable… Read more

Most Common White Collar Crimes

White collar crime refers to crimes that are designed to produce financial gains using some form of deception. White collar crime is often committed by individuals in the business world, who have access to large amounts of other people’s money. White collar crime has been put on display in the popular films, Boiler Room, The… Read more