Monthly Archives: December 2015

Arizona Listed as One of the Worst States in US for “Bad Apple” Gun Dealers

Gun dealers can be found almost everywhere in the United States.  Most follow the rules.  A small minority have been accused of souring the reputation for all. Arizona has been ranked in the top 10.  Unfortunately it isn’t for something where #1 stands for the best.  Arizona ranks among the top 10 states for gun… Read more

Phoenix Telemarketing Companies Shut Down for Consumer Fraud

If you or someone you know is ever the victim of consumer fraud you can contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Office or for more serious cases can secure the services of a competent lawyer. Fraud is deliberate deception in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.  Consumer fraud is one aspect of fraud that can… Read more

Shortage of Lethal Injection Drugs May Cause Delays in Arizona

Arizona prison executions are being put on hold due to the inability to get certain lethal injection chemicals such as sodium thiopental. Sodium thiopental is a rapid onset anesthetic that has been used medically in the past but has been replaced by other drugs in recent times.  It has also been used as the first… Read more

Crime Rates Down in West Phoenix

A program called the Neighborhood Safety Initiative is credited with helping lower crime in West Phoenix in the area bounded by Indian School and Bethany Home roads and 43rd Avenue to Interstate 17. One historically popular tactic to lower crime simply involves increasing arrests and incarceration in high crime areas.  This tactic seems simple to… Read more