Sealing a Criminal Record

Up until recently under Arizona law it was rare and nearly impossible to have a person’s record sealed or removed from the public’s view. As a result, individuals with a criminal record found it difficult to obtain a professional license, find employment or even a place to live.

To address this problem, starting in 2023 the Arizona legislature passed a law that establishes a process for “sealing” a person’s record of arrest, conviction or sentence. This law is codified in A.R.S. §13-911 and requires a person who is seeking to have a record sealed, file a petition with the court which might justify the court’s granting this particular relief.

Not everyone may qualify for their record to be sealed. Legal requirements preclude court ordered sealing for certain kinds of offenses. Time limitations also apply to this process. Lastly, a record that is sealed may still be accessible under some circumstances including law enforcement, state and federal agencies, and during background checks for certain positions of employment.

Since there are nuances and limitations to having a criminal record sealed in Arizona, a person is well advised to seek legal representation to help them with this process.