When Should I Get a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is an order of protection set in place by the court that restricts an action or prevents one person from contacting or harassing another. There are several reasons for which you may request a restraining order from the court. The main reasons you can and should get a restraining order are explained… Read more

Do I Need a Lawyer if I am Just Under Investigation

If police are starting to ask you questions and you may believe they are investigating you for a serious crime, you should hire a lawyer. Even if you haven’t been arrested, having a lawyer may save you from having any charges brought against you. And if you do end up getting arrested it is always… Read more

Learn about Lesser Included Offenses – How might they affect your case

A lesser offense is a crime that’s contained within a bigger crime. You can’t commit a greater crime without committing the lesser. The courts use three tests to determine whether a crime is lesser included within another. Determining Lesser Included Offenses The Pleadings Test Some courts look at the charging documents to determine if an… Read more

Differences between Theft, Robbery and Burglary

You may think that robbery, theft and burglary are simply synonyms for one another but in the eyes of Phoenix law, each crime how it’s own distinction. While theft and robbery are similar in that the involve the taking or attempted taking of personal property, burglary is slightly different. We’ve broken down the differences that… Read more

Interesting Stats About Suing Police

Many people have tried to sue the Phoenix Police Department but very few have succeeded in their efforts. Here are some interesting stats about suing the Phoenix Police department. The Arizona Republic reports that of the 1,675 claims filed against Phoenix Police the city paid out $17.2 million from September to 2009 to September 2015…. Read more

How Judges Determine Bail

If you have been arrested and incarcerated a judge will ordinarily set a bail amount at a suspect’s first court appearance after your arrest. This appearance could either be a bail hearing or an arraignment. Judges will typically adhere to standard practice with regards to a suspect’s alleged crime when determining bail. However, judges can… Read more

The Safest Cities in Arizona and Their Crime Rates

Arizona is a beautiful up-and-coming state. Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the U.S., and it grows larger every year. performed a study to find out the safest cities in the state of Arizona, and we’d like to spread that information with you. Below is a list of their findings. The 5 safest… Read more

Arizona Listed as One of the Worst States in US for “Bad Apple” Gun Dealers

Gun dealers can be found almost everywhere in the United States.  Most follow the rules.  A small minority have been accused of souring the reputation for all. Arizona has been ranked in the top 10.  Unfortunately it isn’t for something where #1 stands for the best.  Arizona ranks among the top 10 states for gun… Read more