Injunctions Against Harassment

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injunctions against harassment Judges don’t like to take chances when there is a chance for violence. They err on the side of caution and issue injunctions freely. It is easy to get one on very little evidence.  This can be done by a disgruntled neighbor, a former boyfriend/girlfriend, an acquaintance or even a stranger.

If someone has  obtained  an injunction against you, this injunction may be dismissed or quashed if a judge is persuaded to do so. But this often requires the assistance of a skilled and experienced attorney familiar with the process. With an injunction in place, you maybe prohibited from going places that the other person frequents. Also, your firearms could even be confiscated.

If someone feels that you are annoying or harassing them, making threatening calls, following or stalking him or her, he can seek an injunction. This remains in effect for one year. These cases are partly criminal and partly civil. But they don’t have to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that you are a threat to them.

Not all attorneys are willing or able to fight these injunctions, as special procedural rules apply. Remember: You only get “one bite at the apple”. This means you get only one hearing, one chance to persuade the judge, one chance to have it removed.

The presence of a seasoned, skilled attorney, who will prepare thoroughly and take the matter as seriously as you do can be the difference in your case. Often we find that people believe that they know what is important in a case. Often people believe that they know what a judge needs to hear. Typically, these beliefs are misguided and miss the point a judge is focused on and sometimes these beliefs actually harm their cause.

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