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Child SupportIn Arizona, as in most other states, guidelines and numeric formulas exist and are used by the courts to determine child support amounts and payments following a divorce or paternity suit. Once the financial figures go into the formula, the outcome is predetermined mathematically, leaving no room for planning, strategizing and negotiating. But who determines the incomes, expenses and parenting time that go into the formulas, and how can you and your lawyer work to save you money or increase the payment you receive?

At the Phoenix, Arizona, family law firm of Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, we have handled hundreds of child support payment problems, and have helped numerous individuals and families work toward the child support agreement they need and deserve. How do we do this? We do this by persuading judges in family law courts that our figures regarding your finances are accurate and should be used in child custody payment tables. For example:

  • Are you or your spouse self-employed? We can work with accountants to assess true and accurate incomes.
  • Make sure your children get the financial support they deserve.The Arizona Child Support Guidelines establish fair and equitable support amounts. However, establishing the proper child support amount can be difficult if one parent tries to hide their true income amount. Exposing a cheating parent’s true income takes skill and tenacity. We will not let your children be cheated out of what they rightfully are due.
  • Do you have extraordinary expenses, such as health insurance payments for your children, or special needs children? We can use these expenses to fight for increased child support payments.
  • Do you share parenting time with your former spouse/other parent of your child? Child support payments are directly linked to parenting time. Adding or subtracting one day can greatly change your child support payments, consistent with the courts’ payment tables. We can strategize your parenting time to maximize time spent with your child and minimize the payments you will pay or maximize the payment you will receive.
  • Paying too much child support.Are you paying too much child support? If your income has recently gone down or your ex-spouses’ income has gone up, you may be paying too much child support. Are you responsible for the support of additional children? This could reduce your child support obligation. BE WARNED: The court will not automatically change your child support amount. A petition to change your child support must be submitted. We can help you by preparing and submitting your request to reduce your child support so that all your issues are addressed.

You do have the power to affect child support payments in your favor. To learn more about how we can help, contact us online or by calling 602-264-5555. We charge reasonable rates and accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We are available for weekend and evening appointments under special circumstances, and are conveniently located in midtown Phoenix.