Monthly Archives: April 2015

AZ Divorce Rates Above Average

It’s been well-known for quite a while now that divorce is becoming more and more common, and as an added effect, it’s becoming increasingly-common for individuals to get married having already been to the altar once. In fact, the national average for individuals who have been married twice is 24.8% for men and 24.4%. Arizona… Read more

Making Restraining Orders Go Further

If an individual is in an abusive relationship, filing for a restraining order can be a massively powerful tool. It gives the filer ironclad legal options if they continue to be threatened or harassed by a person. What happens if that’s not enough, though? After all, a restraining order is technically just a piece of… Read more

New Child Custody Bill Stands to Improve Safety Dramatically

Angel’s Law is a bill that purports to be common sense in a legal document. The law, which came about after the tragic death of a 19-month-old boy, is specifically aimed at increasing safety for children in child custody arrangements. Angel Rodriguez, who the bill is named after, was a 19-month-old boy who had been… Read more

Mother Who Left Kids in Car during Job Interview Gets 10 Years’ Probation

A recent case involving a mother and the suffering of her two sons has the media in an uproar. Phoenix resident Shanesha Taylor rose to public awareness when she inadvertently caused the pain and anguish of her two young sons by leaving them in a hot vehicle while she went on a job interview. Her… Read more