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Information on the Juvenile Courts System

The juvenile court system is different than the adult criminal court system because children are not and should not be treated the same as adults. This article explains the basics of the juvenile court system and the procedure for when a minor commits a crime. What is juvenile law? Each state has a juvenile court… Read more

Is Immunity in Exchange for Testimony Real?

Under the Fifth Amendment of U.S. Constitution, all Americans have the right to remain silent in the criminal justice system. This guarantees that a person does not have to say anything that may incriminate them after they’re been arrested. But even if someone invokes the Fifth Amendment, the prosecutor may offer them immunity in exchange… Read more

What Qualifies as Excessive Force?

When a police officer uses excessive force during an arrest it violates the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If you’ve been a victim of excessive force you may have a claim to a lawsuit against the arresting office or even the city that employs the officer. But first, you’ll need to know what qualifies… Read more