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Child Born Out of Wedlock — Establishing Fatherhood

PaternitySituations in which a child is born outside of a marriage can bring a broad range of problems relating to child custody, visitation and child support. Paternity suits can be used to resolve these highly important family law issues.

At the Phoenix, Arizona, family law firm of Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, we have the experience, knowledge and skill to advise you on your paternity suit options and provide full legal representation for the duration of your suit. Our lead family lawyer, Neal C. Taylor, has handled hundreds of family cases. Mr. Taylor himself was a single parent for over three years. This gives him additional insight and allows him to provide compassionate and experienced assistance.

Do you face a legal challenge regarding the paternity of your child? As a father, do you wish to gain rights to visit your child? As a mother, do you wish to receive child support payments from your child’s father? Call 602-264-5555.

Paternity suits can help parents exercise rights when crucial questions arise regarding their child.For example:

  • Are you a mother, and feel the best interests of your child would be served by formally establishing the paternity of your child’s father? We can work to arrange a mandatory DNA test, and can also fight for child support payments.
  • Are you a father who is unable to visit your child because paternity was not established? We can work to prove paternity and establish a formal legal relationship between you and your child. We can help you obtain a fair and equitable parenting plan or visitation schedule so that you and your child will have a meaningful relationship.

No Court Order on Paternity?

Not married? In Arizona, the mother of a child born out-of-wedlock automatically has legal custody of the child. We can use this law in your favor if the father of your child insists on inappropriate, on the spot or dangerous visits. If you are the father who wants a meaningful relationship with your child, we can correct this imbalance. This is especially important if the mother of your child is unreasonably denying your parental rights or parenting time.

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