Probation Violations, Modifications & Termination

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Probation Violations, Modifications & TerminationIf an alleged probation violation is upheld, it can result in serious consequences. To deal successfully with this problem, strong representation by an experienced attorney is essential.

At Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, our team of attorneys includes a former chief criminal prosecutor, a juvenile prosecutor, and former court appointed defense attorneys. We understand the law, the justice system and how judges view questions involving alleged probation violations, probation modifications and termination.  We have had valuable experience in most of the State and Federal Courts in Arizona.  Knowing the nuances of the court and/or prosecution for which a case is assigned can make a difference.

At your probation hearing, you will have the benefit of experienced attorneys who share ideas and insights that can enable a successful resolution of your problem.

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Probation Violations

Our attorneys will carefully review the circumstances of your situation. If your case involves a simple technical violation of probation terms, we will seek to obtain a reinstatement of the original terms of probation.

If the circumstances involve a substantive violation of the probation, we will examine the various legal strategies available to us. Each member of our team has handled a large number of probation cases. You will have the confidence of knowing that everything possible is being done to obtain a favorable outcome following your arrest for a probation violation.

Modification and Termination of Probation

Some people faithfully adhere to the terms of their probation. Yet circumstances can arise which conflict with these terms. Let’s say someone gets a promotion which requires the person to travel out of state on occasion. It may be possible to modify probation terms through a persuasive presentation of facts and supporting material before a judge.

Burns, Nickerson & Taylor can petition the court to obtain a modification of probation terms for you. We can also petition the court to terminate probation and restore civil rights, such as the right to own a firearm.

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