Monthly Archives: October 2015

3 Arizona Men Charged for Attempting to Steal Smuggled Drugs

Who hasn’t heard of a police sting operation?  In a twist, three men are charged with robbery for attempting to steal illegal drugs during a federal drug sting. Police sometimes use sting operations to arrest and charge people for crimes.  In some ways it is a lot like fishing.  The police provide a shiny lure… Read more

Domestic Violence Victim Penalized for Seeking Help

Can an eviction notice be served for calling the police for help with a domestic violence emergency?  If the eviction notice served to one Surprise woman is allowed to stand, then the answer seems to be yes. Nuisance ordinances effectively label a property a nuisance when a certain number of police calls originate there in… Read more

Arizona Prisons are Tough

Arizona incarcerates at one of the highest per capita rates in the nation.   Prison reforms that have occurred in many other states might help Arizona trim that rate and possibly allow the money to be put into programs that help inmates reintegrate and refrain from reoffending.  Such programs can help increase the productive segments of… Read more

Domestic Violence Doesn’t Just Happen to Women

In the majority of domestic violence cases the victim is a woman.  However, women are not the only victims.  Sometimes men are the victim of domestic violence and may need the same kind of help that is often available to women in order to leave their offending partner. Domestic violence in a broad sense is… Read more