Can an Order of Protection Keep me from Seeing my Child?

Order of Protection – Easy to Get. Attorneys often joke, “Down at the courthouse, they give out orders of protection like its candy.” The joke is not true, but it’s close. When domestic violence (DV) is charged, it’s easy to get an order of protection (OOP). That’s because judges want to keep kids safe and… Read more

Shortage of Lethal Injection Drugs May Cause Delays in Arizona

Arizona prison executions are being put on hold due to the inability to get certain lethal injection chemicals such as sodium thiopental. Sodium thiopental is a rapid onset anesthetic that has been used medically in the past but has been replaced by other drugs in recent times.  It has also been used as the first… Read more

Crime Rates Down in West Phoenix

A program called the Neighborhood Safety Initiative is credited with helping lower crime in West Phoenix in the area bounded by Indian School and Bethany Home roads and 43rd Avenue to Interstate 17. One historically popular tactic to lower crime simply involves increasing arrests and incarceration in high crime areas.  This tactic seems simple to… Read more

No ‘Child Left in Hot Vehicle’ Law in Arizona

Would you be surprised to learn that Arizona does not have any laws regarding leaving children in cars?   Nineteen states do so far.  Per official data the Phoenix metro area is the second hottest big city in the United States with approximately 107 days a year that top 99 degrees. Every so often there is… Read more

3 Arizona Men Charged for Attempting to Steal Smuggled Drugs

Who hasn’t heard of a police sting operation?  In a twist, three men are charged with robbery for attempting to steal illegal drugs during a federal drug sting. Police sometimes use sting operations to arrest and charge people for crimes.  In some ways it is a lot like fishing.  The police provide a shiny lure… Read more

Domestic Violence Victim Penalized for Seeking Help

Can an eviction notice be served for calling the police for help with a domestic violence emergency?  If the eviction notice served to one Surprise woman is allowed to stand, then the answer seems to be yes. Nuisance ordinances effectively label a property a nuisance when a certain number of police calls originate there in… Read more

The Quality of Police Officers is Critical to AZ Justice

In Arizona the quality of the police force is critical to protecting the public and providing professional service.  Prior to making a hire local police agencies are required to conduct thorough reviews of the candidate’s past, including; contacting all previous employers, reviewing past police personnel records, performing lie detector tests, and conducting full criminal background… Read more

Backyard Yelling Becomes Harassment

A recent news story involving a backyard trapeze and yelling resulted in charges of harassment and shows how important good neighbors can be. Home lots these days are pretty small, and houses are getting closer and closer together.  Inevitably this leads to a higher rate of neighbor disputes and problems of many kinds.  So, what… Read more

Who Needs a Fingerprint Card in Arizona?

A fingerprint card is a means for an employer to verify the background of a potential employee for certain areas of employment including the broad categories of childcare, adoption, hospitals, etc.  When applying for a fingerprint clearance card the applicant must fill out an application form which can be obtained from the Arizona Department of… Read more

Arizona Dentists Require No Background Check?

You might expect a dental professional to be held to high professional standard by the Arizona Board. You might be wrong! It turns out that dentists in Arizona are not required to carry malpractice insurance, undergo background checks prior to getting a license, or face any kind of regular inspections.  You’d be right to find… Read more