Pre-Arrest & Pre-Charge Representation

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Pre-Arrest & Pre-Charge RepresentationAt Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, much of our criminal defense work on behalf of clients occurs before an arrest or before a formal criminal charge is issued.

Part of our pre-charge and pre-arrest representation involves advising clients about what they should say or not say to investigators. We discuss cases with prosecutors to get information that can aid in our defense effort. We try to influence the decisions of prosecutors before and after arrests.

In advising and representing you, our firm will work to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

Call (602) 264-5555 or send us an e-mail to schedule a free consultation for your criminal case.  For after hour emergencies, call (602) 320-1828. An attorney at our firm can review your situation and discuss how obtaining pre-charge and pre-arrest representation can benefit you.

Pre-Arrest Representation

If you are being investigated or think you are under investigation, now is the time to seek the advice of an attorney.

There may be steps our firm can take which can head off a criminal charge or reduce the charge that is eventually made against you. Our attorneys can also provide advice that can protect your rights and help you avoid mistakes that can place you in greater legal jeopardy. We can also take steps to eliminate and/or arrange for terms of the arrest, including the time and place of the arrest.

Time is critical in any criminal defense matter. The sooner Burns, Nickerson & Taylor gets involved, the sooner we can act to protect your rights.

After an Arrest

Following an arrest, the prosecutor has to decide how to proceed. The prosecutor may decide to:

  • Go forward with the charge as listed on the citation or as described on the police report
  • File a lesser charge
  • Not file a charge at all

The time period in which prosecutors usually make these decisions can range from a few days to a few weeks after an arrest. A skillful defense lawyer can make good use of this time — by trying to persuade the prosecutor not to file a charge or to file a lesser charge.

At Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, we have had significant success in these types of discussions with prosecutors. At the least, we may be able to gain information that can aid in your defense. If we are successful, we can help you avoid a costly defense effort and all the stress it can bring.

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