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Phoenix Man’s Life Ruined Over Murder He Didn’t Commit

Unfortunately there are times when mistakes are made and the wrong person is arrested or accused of a crime.  Even after being proven innocent it can be a tough road to restore all of the rights previously enjoyed and to gain trust back.  Other times there may be a desire to get a conviction set… Read more

Phoenix Telemarketing Companies Shut Down for Consumer Fraud

If you or someone you know is ever the victim of consumer fraud you can contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Office or for more serious cases can secure the services of a competent lawyer. Fraud is deliberate deception in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.  Consumer fraud is one aspect of fraud that can… Read more

Shortage of Lethal Injection Drugs May Cause Delays in Arizona

Arizona prison executions are being put on hold due to the inability to get certain lethal injection chemicals such as sodium thiopental. Sodium thiopental is a rapid onset anesthetic that has been used medically in the past but has been replaced by other drugs in recent times.  It has also been used as the first… Read more

Crime Rates Down in West Phoenix

A program called the Neighborhood Safety Initiative is credited with helping lower crime in West Phoenix in the area bounded by Indian School and Bethany Home roads and 43rd Avenue to Interstate 17. One historically popular tactic to lower crime simply involves increasing arrests and incarceration in high crime areas.  This tactic seems simple to… Read more

Phoenix Ex-Cons Dedicated to Helping Others Escape the "Thug Life"

Inmates being released from prison often find themselves facing some pretty daunting challenges.  Re-integrating back into society isn’t as easy as you’d think.  Approximately one third of Arizona inmates currently serving time are actually repeat offenders, in for additional time.  A study released last year by the Bureau of Justice Statistics concluded on some startling… Read more

Will New FDA Approval Lead to Increased Drug Addiction in Phoenix Teens?

Based on mounting evidence, some prescription opioids like OxyContin have been classified as addictive by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  Prescription opioids are similar in ways to heroin in their affect on the human body and have been considered a gateway to heroin.  No matter, the FDA just recently approved the use of the… Read more

No ‘Child Left in Hot Vehicle’ Law in Arizona

Would you be surprised to learn that Arizona does not have any laws regarding leaving children in cars?   Nineteen states do so far.  Per official data the Phoenix metro area is the second hottest big city in the United States with approximately 107 days a year that top 99 degrees. Every so often there is… Read more

Glendale Police Will Soon Wear Body Cameras

Video cameras are popping up all over the place, from personal devices meant to capture the first person action of some sport or extreme event, to dashcams meant to capture the details of an accident in case fault needs to be proven, to auto back up cameras, to body cams worn by officers to help… Read more

3 Arizona Men Charged for Attempting to Steal Smuggled Drugs

Who hasn’t heard of a police sting operation?  In a twist, three men are charged with robbery for attempting to steal illegal drugs during a federal drug sting. Police sometimes use sting operations to arrest and charge people for crimes.  In some ways it is a lot like fishing.  The police provide a shiny lure… Read more