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Alimony Spousal MaintenanceConceptions can change slowly, and nowhere is this more evident that in expectations regarding alimony and spousal maintenance. The law is changing to reflect changes in society. Courts seldom allow one spouse to receive “excessive” spousal maintenance, and courts are often reluctant to grant alimony at all.

At the Phoenix, Arizona, family law firm of Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, we have worked with court alimony and spousal maintenance guidelines for decades. We are skilled at working with courts as they make determinations on whether spousal maintenance is appropriate in a given situation, and to what degree. We have helped hundreds of individuals receive the spousal maintenance they need and deserve. If you are divorcing and are interested in pursuing spousal support, we can help.

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Courts look at a broad range of information and criteria when deciding whether to grant alimony payment, including:

  • Is a party able to be self-sufficient through appropriate employment?
  • Is a party the custodian of a very young child or an extremely disabled child?
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age of the proposed recipient, which can affect employment/career options
  • The vocational options of the parties – For instance, if one is a CEO and the other is a stay-at-home parent, the courts may favor spousal support.
  • The value of assets possessed by each party
  • Whether one party supported another through school, or directly paid for the other’s education
  • Other considerations, such as whether one spouse reduced their own career growth to help the other spouse

We work with economic experts, including vocational evaluators, to determine what employment options are viable and how long it would take to return to the work force. Do you wish to return to school? We can petition for support for the duration of your schooling. Are you concerned that your income and style of living will diminish sharply following your divorce? We can argue for a fair resolution. Did you forgo a career or schooling, in agreement with your spouse, and now face challenges in the workplace? We can work to ensure that spousal support payments provide you with the income and opportunity you deserve.

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