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i-murder-homicide-manslaughterIf you’re facing a charge of Murder—you need help now. You need a team of experienced trial lawyers on your side. Be warned—many attorneys in the criminal arena are afraid to go to trial on a murder case. Some attorneys will talk about having murder cases, but when you look “under the hood,” you’ll find out they have only done “plea bargains,” not trials. Each of our attorneys has actual experience going to battle in real murder trials.

  • Murder 1– The most serious crime under the law. A conviction of Murder in the first degree requires a penalty of Death or Life in Prison.
  • Murder 2– Only slightly less serious that Murder in the first degree. Although some exceptions apply, the usual range of sentence is 10-22 years.
  • Manslaughter or Negligent Homicide– These charges are often brought when someone dies in an auto accident.

Experience Prosecuting and Defending

Our experience with Murder cases comes from both sides — from prosecuting and defending. Having worked on both sides gives us the ability to anticipate what the other side will do. What are the  differences between murder and manslaughter?

Experience in All Types of Homicide

We have had 10 week death penalty trials, 2 week vehicular homicide trials and virtually every type of homicide in between. Actual experience in real trials is important. However, before going to trial, we will put all our energy into getting your cased dismissed without a trial.

Plea Agreement or Trial

There are times that a plea bargain is better than a trial. But how do you know what is a good plea bargain? The dirty truth is some defense attorneys never go to trial. Trials are a lot of work, especially murder trials. Some defense attorneys are afraid of going to trial. Prosecutors know who will always “cave in” and what defense attorneys will fight it all the way and go to trial. Our view is quite simple.  “Plea Bargain” entails two words.  Before considering a change of “plea”, our clients’ deserve a real “bargain”.  Who gets the better plea bargain? As attorneys who have a reputation for fighting all the way, when appropriate we will always get the best plea bargain possible.

Team Approach

We “brain storm” each case using our Team Approach. By using a Team Approach more ideas come out to help us attack the case against you. This allows us to present the strongest defense possible for you.

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