Professionals at Risk of Losing License with Criminal Charges

Criminal charges come with all sorts of long-term effects: Fines, jail time, probation, social stigmas, difficulties finding future employment, insurance rates increases, etc. One of the big thing that many professionals don’t realize is that they could lose their professional license, throwing their entire career into jeopardy. Which Professional Licenses are at Risk? There are… Read more

When Can I Request a New Judge in My Criminal Case?

There are few more important court cases than criminal ones. The outcomes of criminal cases can be literally life-changing, and as a result, it’s worth taking every aspect of them seriously. This, of course, includes the judge presiding over the case. Many people don’t realize that you can actually request a new judge for a… Read more

What Makes a Traffic Stop Unlawful

When it comes to traffic stops, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of people saying “they just pulled me over for no reason,” but the truth is that police officers always have to have a valid reason for the traffic stop. In fact, there have been many times where individuals have had convictions overthrown because… Read more

What Kind of Professional Licenses Can be Revoked if I’m Arrested?

Professional licenses almost always come with stipulations that you will maintain a certain professional lifestyle, and for many of those licenses, arrests can throw your certification into jeopardy. Which professional licenses can be affected by arrests, and which arrests in particular? It would be impossible to type up the entire lists, but here are some… Read more

Should I Call a Bondsman or an Attorney?

Most people who get arrested just want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. They usually end up calling the bondsman, posting bail and worrying about calling a lawyer later. But this isn’t always the best option and you can end up spending a lot more money this way. So why is it… Read more

How Judges Determine Bail

If you have been arrested and incarcerated a judge will ordinarily set a bail amount at a suspect’s first court appearance after your arrest. This appearance could either be a bail hearing or an arraignment. Judges will typically adhere to standard practice with regards to a suspect’s alleged crime when determining bail. However, judges can… Read more

Phoenix Man’s Life Ruined Over Murder He Didn’t Commit

Unfortunately there are times when mistakes are made and the wrong person is arrested or accused of a crime.  Even after being proven innocent it can be a tough road to restore all of the rights previously enjoyed and to gain trust back.  Other times there may be a desire to get a conviction set… Read more

Changes Made to Tempe’s Safe and Sober Program

Complaints that Tempe has become a “police state” have been partially responsible for the cancellation of the annual police crackdown that occurs during the first few weeks of school in the neighborhoods surrounding ASU. What do you get when you put a bunch of college age students together who are away from any parental responsibility,… Read more

Kids Get to Spend a Night in Prison in ‘Tent City’

A new program called TOUGH lets kids experience life as an inmate in Tent City in the hopes that the experience helps them stay clear of a life of drugs and crime. Tent City has become widely known in recent years as the place in prison you don’t ever want to go.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio… Read more

Getting Pulled Over by the Police

When pulled over by the police, whatever the reason, you have certain legal rights and there are some do’s and don’ts that could ultimately make your life a little easier. You’re cruising down the road and maybe the kids are getting a little out of control, or maybe you get a little lost in the… Read more