Technology to Help You Avoid a DUI

Technology has dramatically changed our lives for the better. Of all the benefits modern smartphones provide, arguably one of the greatest is the ability to avoid DUI and the serious penalties that accompany it.

Avoiding DUIs With Technology

Ride sharing services including Uber and Lyft have virtually revolutionized their respective industry, making cabfare more affordable than ever. Affordable pricing and widespread availability has helped ensure you never need to enlist the help of a DUI attorney.

The next time you have a few cocktails at your local watering hole, you can easily hail a professional driver to retrieve you (and a few passengers) for a safe ride home. If you’ve never used the application before you’ll be amazed at how simple and accessible it is even for first-time users.

man arrested for duiAnother great way to play it safe when you’ve been drinking is by making use of a breathalyzer. Beware of any application you download on your phone giving you an accurate reading — although it may seem obvious, modern smartphones are not designed to detect alcohol content on your breath. Your best bet is to utilize a third-party device or purchase a keychain breathalyzer. Bear in mind, even heavy duty breathalyzers are commonly cited for giving inaccurate readings — don’t look at them as a black/white indication of whether you’re okay to operate a vehicle.

Additional applications on your phone can help you calculate how much alcohol you’ve consumed is currently affecting your sobriety. These programs use your Body Mass Index (BMI) and calculate your sobriety by factoring in the ABV of the beverages you’ve consumed. Again, don’t strictly rely on this information to deliver an exact indication of your sobriety, rather, use it as a measuring stick to guide the decisions you make the rest of the evening.

With how easy technology makes avoiding a DUI, there’s little excuse for driving under the influence. Should you ever find yourself charged with your first DUI, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced attorney to represent your innocence. We’ll fight to ensure you avoid the penalties that accompany this serious crime.