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“I wanted him dead. That’s why I shot him.”

How do you prepare a criminal defense for your client? When I am getting ready for a case, knowledge is power. I mean knowledge that you can demonstrate in a courtroom. When a witness comes in and testifies, to be candid, I assume they are going to lie if they are a witness on the… Read more

ASU Online Course Helps Children of Divorce

Children today are so embedded in technology that an online program such as this is the ideal way to reach out to them as they may not want to talk about the issues personally if they feel shame or anger.  An online module allows them anonymity and the ability to work through at their own… Read more

Defending a Father Charged with Murdering his Child

This was a very big case at the time, a capital murder case. My client was charged with killing his 7 month old child. Capital murder means that the state is trying to get the death penalty for your client. The detectives in the case ̶ in their limited investigation ̶ had concluded that my… Read more

AZ Divorce Rates Above Average

It’s been well-known for quite a while now that divorce is becoming more and more common, and as an added effect, it’s becoming increasingly-common for individuals to get married having already been to the altar once. In fact, the national average for individuals who have been married twice is 24.8% for men and 24.4%. Arizona… Read more

Making Restraining Orders Go Further

If an individual is in an abusive relationship, filing for a restraining order can be a massively powerful tool. It gives the filer ironclad legal options if they continue to be threatened or harassed by a person. What happens if that’s not enough, though? After all, a restraining order is technically just a piece of… Read more

New Child Custody Bill Stands to Improve Safety Dramatically

Angel’s Law is a bill that purports to be common sense in a legal document. The law, which came about after the tragic death of a 19-month-old boy, is specifically aimed at increasing safety for children in child custody arrangements. Angel Rodriguez, who the bill is named after, was a 19-month-old boy who had been… Read more