Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Quality of Police Officers is Critical to AZ Justice

In Arizona the quality of the police force is critical to protecting the public and providing professional service.  Prior to making a hire local police agencies are required to conduct thorough reviews of the candidate’s past, including; contacting all previous employers, reviewing past police personnel records, performing lie detector tests, and conducting full criminal background… Read more

Parental Abduction: 25 Years On the Run

One of every parents worst nightmares is the thought of the abduction of their children.  Fortunately today there are alert systems that can get the word out to the public almost instantaneously leading to a higher rate of recovery.  The AMBER Alert is a child abduction alert system that started in the United States in… Read more

Civil Asset Forfeiture in Arizona

Are law enforcement agencies effectively ‘stealing’ when they confiscate and sell people’s property under civil asset forfeiture laws?  Read on and you’ll likely agree that there is a definite conflict of interest. Civil asset forfeiture laws allow authorities to confiscate property including cars, money, real estate, etc. that they allege has been involved in a… Read more