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Scent Alone is No Longer Enough for a Search Warrant in Arizona

Arizona passed the Medical Marijuana Act in 2010.  Recently the Arizona state Court of Appeals issued an important ruling that the scent of marijuana is no longer enough evidence to issue a police search warrant. In 2010 the state of Arizona passed the Medical Marijuana Act which grants the legal right to qualified patients, dispensaries,… Read more

The Life of a Bounty Hunter Can Be One of Daily Danger

An article on AZCentral discusses the recent deaths of two bounty hunters in Phoenix.  The two bounty hunters were attempting to apprehend a suspect who had skipped out on bail and failed to show up for a hearing on weapons and drug charges.  The bondsmen had located the suspect and had him in cuffs but… Read more

Maricopa County Police Department Focusing on Domestic Violence Strangulation Cases

Arizona prosecutors have implemented new programs to help gather evidence in domestic violence cases involving strangulation which have helped increase the rate of prosecutions for domestic violence and are believed to have contributed to the declining number of homicides due to domestic violence in Arizona over the past 3 years. In recent years police have… Read more

History of Abuse in Scottsdale Murder-Suicide

While all relationships eventually have their disputes, for some a dispute can quickly or even immediately escalate to domestic violence.  Be sure to secure the services of a competent attorney if you find yourself in such a situation or if ongoing violations occur on an existing case in order to protect your safety and/or the… Read more