Drug Crimes & Other Charges

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Drug Crimes & Other ChargesThere is much strength an experienced criminal defense attorney can bring to your case. Experience. Commitment. Creativity. Knowledge. These are skills than can only be acquired through years of practicing law.

At Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, we have passionately fought for the rights and freedom of our clients for over 20 years. We work creatively together as a team to identify innovative strategies to defend you. This includes regular meetings during which we discuss different tactical approaches to help decide how to best defend each case. Our attorneys have experience prosecuting and defending all types of criminal cases. We use our experience and knowledge to defend our clients at all stages of the legal process.

The earlier an attorney is involved in a case, the sooner he can advocate for his client. This often provides the client with a higher likelihood for achieving a positive outcome. Oftentimes an attorney can investigate a client’s case before he is formally charged.  This allows an extra opportunity to help a client and possibly prevent charges from getting filed.

The attorneys at Burns, Nickerson & Taylor are committed to excellence at each stages of the case. This includes the investigation, arrest, release conditions, motion practice, case preparation, trial and sentencing if necessary. We also handle appeals, if needed.

Cases we handle include:

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Act Quickly

If you or a family member has been arrested, you need to obtain legal representation as soon as possible.

Our firm can begin the criminal defense process immediately. We represent our clients in jail court to minimize bail or secure release without bail. We may be able to convince the prosecutor not to file a charge or file a lesser charge through pre-charge representation. Our attorneys and investigators may be able to develop additional evidence to weaken the prosecution’s case and strengthen yours. We will make aggressive use of motions to achieve results.

Burns, Nickerson & Taylor puts our clients’ needs first — using multiple defense tactics to give them a chance for an acquittal, dismissal or reduction of charges.

Plea Agreement or Trial?

There are times that a plea bargain is better than a trial. But how do you know what is a good plea bargain? The dirty truth is some defense attorneys never go to trial. Trials are a lot of work. Some defense attorneys are afraid of going to trial. Prosecutors know who will always “cave in” and who will fight it all the way and go to trial. Who gets the better plea bargain? Our view is quite simple. “Plea Bargain” entails two words. Before considering a change of “plea”, our clients’ deserve a real “bargain”. As attorneys with a reputation for fighting all the way, when appropriate we will always get the best plea bargain possible.

Post-Conviction Representation

Our firm represents clients in post-conviction matters such as a probation violation, modification and termination. This includes petitioning for early termination of probation, even if it is lifetime term. We can also work to help you regain your fingerprint card so that you can support yourself and your family.

Whatever your criminal law matter, Burns, Nickerson & Taylor in Phoenix, Arizona, will provide diligent and determined representation in the effort to achieve your goals.

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