Reasons for a Fingerprint Card in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, many professionals are required to have a fingerprint clearance card in substitute of, or along with, their professional license or certification. Some employers require potential employees to get a fingerprint card before employment. The card is small and laminated, like a drivers license, and it is used to verify that… Read more

Can Casino Professionals Lose Their Professional Licenses?

Many industries require professional licenses or fingerprint cards to be held: nursing, doctors, teachers, officers. If you work in the gambling industry, or in a casino, you may be required to hold a professional license for your industry as well. Many casinos require employees to hold a casino gaming employee license. Further, if you plan… Read more

Crimes That Will Get Your Fingerprint Card Revoked

Anyone who contracts with DES or seeks employment with a vendor agency to provide services to children or vulnerable adults must have a valid Fingerprint Clearance Card issued by DPS. These cards are good for six years, unless they are otherwise suspended or revoked. Crimes that lead to getting your fingerprint card revoked The following… Read more

What Types of Crimes Lead to the Loss of Professional Licensing

Being charged for a crime doesn’t always lead to the loss of your professional license, but many times it can. Even misdemeanor charges can have serious consequences. If you are a professional that holds a license it is important that you do not engage in any unprofessional conduct, as this could be career ending. The… Read more

What is a Fingerprint Card?

If you have recently gotten a job or wish to volunteer with a governmental organization you may be required to obtain a fingerprint clearance card. But what is fingerprint card and why do I need one? We’ve outlined this new technology below. What is a Fingerprint Card? A fingerprint clearance card is the physical copy… Read more