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Do I Need a Lawyer if I am Just Under Investigation

If police are starting to ask you questions and you may believe they are investigating you for a serious crime, you should hire a lawyer. Even if you haven’t been arrested, having a lawyer may save you from having any charges brought against you. And if you do end up getting arrested it is always… Read more

Crimes That Will Get Your Fingerprint Card Revoked

Anyone who contracts with DES or seeks employment with a vendor agency to provide services to children or vulnerable adults must have a valid Fingerprint Clearance Card issued by DPS. These cards are good for six years, unless they are otherwise suspended or revoked. Crimes that lead to getting your fingerprint card revoked The following… Read more

Can I Change my Probation Terms?

There are some circumstances which lead people to want to change the terms of their probation. In order for this to happen, there must have been a change in circumstances or an unexpected situation arises that creates what a judge would consider a “good cause” to modify the current terms of their probation. Following the… Read more

Learn about Lesser Included Offenses – How might they affect your case

A lesser offense is a crime that’s contained within a bigger crime. You can’t commit a greater crime without committing the lesser. The courts use three tests to determine whether a crime is lesser included within another. Determining Lesser Included Offenses The Pleadings Test Some courts look at the charging documents to determine if an… Read more

Information on the Juvenile Courts System

The juvenile court system is different than the adult criminal court system because children are not and should not be treated the same as adults. This article explains the basics of the juvenile court system and the procedure for when a minor commits a crime. What is juvenile law? Each state has a juvenile court… Read more

Is Immunity in Exchange for Testimony Real?

Under the Fifth Amendment of U.S. Constitution, all Americans have the right to remain silent in the criminal justice system. This guarantees that a person does not have to say anything that may incriminate them after they’re been arrested. But even if someone invokes the Fifth Amendment, the prosecutor may offer them immunity in exchange… Read more

What Qualifies as Excessive Force?

When a police officer uses excessive force during an arrest it violates the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If you’ve been a victim of excessive force you may have a claim to a lawsuit against the arresting office or even the city that employs the officer. But first, you’ll need to know what qualifies… Read more

What are the Different Types of Restoration of Rights?

Being convicted of a crime can affect you in both your personal and professional life. After completing their sentence, people usually have a difficult time finding good jobs, getting into schools and even finding a place to live. Restoration of Rights is an opportunity that exists for people who have completed their sentence that helps… Read more

Benefits of Early Representation

Whether you’re being charged for a traffic violation or a felony, it is important to understand the court process, your rights and possible consequences. Having representation early on in your case offers many benefits and will ensure you get the best results possible in your case. This article outlines some of the most important benefits… Read more

Alternative Ways to Get Home When Drinking

Deciding to drive after drinking is one of the worst decisions you can make, and could lead to life changing consequences. Even if you forgot to designate a driver, there are several options out there that make getting home safely easy and affordable. How to get home safely after drinking Uber Uber is an app-based… Read more