Do I Need a Lawyer if I am Just Under Investigation

If police are starting to ask you questions and you may believe they are investigating you for a serious crime, you should hire a lawyer. Even if you haven’t been arrested, having a lawyer may save you from having any charges brought against you. And if you do end up getting arrested it is always in your best interest to already have a lawyer on your side.

Steps you should take if you’re under investigation

Hire an attorney
under investigationInvestigations can be complex, even if you haven’t been arrested for a crime yet. If you’re being investigated by the police, it means they have reason to believe you committed the crime or you know something important. It’s smart to hire a lawyer before you’ve even spoken to police. A lawyer will ensure you say only what is necessary and will make you aware of all of your rights. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the sooner they can prepare for your case is you do get arrested.

Know your rights
You are allowed to refuse to speak to the police or to let them into your home if they don’t have a search warrant. Law enforcement can only obtain your name and address. You can refuse to give them any other information. You should also refuse to answer and questions until your attorney is present.

Don’t lie
It is a crime to lie under oath. An offense of lying carries up to five years in prison.

Only speak to your lawyer
Anyone you speak to can be questioned by law enforcement. Friends, family and coworkers can be subpoenaed to share information or evidence you shared with them in front of the jury.

Hiring a criminal lawyer in Arizona

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photo by Andre Gustavo Stumpf on flickr