AZ Divorce Rates Above Average

It’s been well-known for quite a while now that divorce is becoming more and more common, and as an added effect, it’s becoming increasingly-common for individuals to get married having already been to the altar once.

In fact, the national average for individuals who have been married twice is 24.8% for men and 24.4%. Arizona is ever-so-slightly above that average, at 28% for men and 28.3% for women.

While that alone is nothing particularly alarming, when you shift your gaze to solely northwest Arizona, the number skyrockets. For Mohave County, the Census Bureau found that the number of people who have been to the altar at least twice was 41% of men, and 42.3%. That is a 50% increase over the already-inflated Arizona averages, and it is so high that it tops the entire nation when it comes to metropolitan areas.

So what is happening that is causing such numbers of remarriages? Well, according to some, it’s because of two reasons: The area up there is well-known for being a retirement resort, and the residents tend to be rather conservative, meaning they are unlikely to live together until marriage.

Others think that it’s simply a matter of numbers; the older an individual gets, the higher the chance they have been married before, and when you compare a retirement community to a college town, it is completely expected for the number of divorced residents to be higher among the retirees.

Whatever the reasons, marriages are always to be celebrated, and it doesn’t matter if an individual is getting married for the first time or the fifth time: They deserve a chance at happiness no matter what.