ASU Online Course Helps Children of Divorce

Children today are so embedded in technology that an online program such as this is the ideal way to reach out to them as they may not want to talk about the issues personally if they feel shame or anger.  An online module allows them anonymity and the ability to work through at their own pace when they are ready.  In the end, healthy coping strategies for a difficult life situation like this can also serve them during many other difficult life events in the future.  It is nice to see positive programs such as this developed.

Children whose parents are going through divorce experience many divorce related events and emotional stressors and can begin to feel at fault and angry.  Luckily, an online program was recently created at ASU to help these children better cope.  Jesse Boring, whose own parents went through divorce, has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is the program’s creator and developer.  After researching different programs for children he decided to create his own online version that would put together all of the best information out there to help kids through a difficult time in their lives.  The program is geared toward children between the ages of 11-16 years.

The online program contains a five modules including; feelings and divorce, inside tools, tools for communication, problem solving, and integrating program skills.  Rather than just speaking, the nice thing about the modules is that they use video, narration, and interactive activities that help demonstrate the intended message.  The main thing that the online modules aim to teach are healthy coping strategies so that the kids feel empowered to handle the problems in their life.  Without healthy coping strategies there is more risk of kids acting out or developing destructive behaviors like drugs, alcohol, or even developing mental health issues.

The online program first underwent clinical testing in 2009 and included children going through Boring’s program and other popular children’s divorce websites.  The online program started out as a free resource for the general public but later added a small cost in order to cover marketing expenses.

It is really nice to see an online program created specifically to help children whose parents are going through divorce develop positive coping strategies.

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