Phoenix Man’s Life Ruined Over Murder He Didn’t Commit

Unfortunately there are times when mistakes are made and the wrong person is arrested or accused of a crime.  Even after being proven innocent it can be a tough road to restore all of the rights previously enjoyed and to gain trust back.  Other times there may be a desire to get a conviction set aside after serving a sentence.  These services can be secured using a competent lawyer acting in your behalf.

An online article discusses the horror that occurred when one Phoenix man with no record of any kind was arrested for a stabbing murder he didn’t actually commit.  Late one evening the police busted through the door of a Phoenix gentleman arresting him for murder.  On the way out they point out blood trailing up the stairs leading to his apartment.  Later that evening he is interrogated and pushed to take plea bargains.

So, other than blood near his apartment door what evidence did police have to accuse this gentleman of murder?  It turns out not much.  Apparently the person who was stabbed lived long enough to mention that someone named ‘Frankie’ had stabbed him.  Two people living in the apartment complex thought that the arrested gentleman might be called ‘Frankie’.  In fact, the arrested gentleman’s name was nothing close to Frank or ‘Frankie’ and he had no such nicknames.  It turns out that no blood matching the victim was ever found in this gentleman’s apartment or on his person.  But, amazingly, it took about 5 months for the Phoenix Crime Lab to determine this.  That is a lot of time to be accused of murder and a lot of time for the details of one’s life to start to shatter.

Eventually this gentleman was released with the explanation that he wasn’t the right guy.  During that time all of his stuff was gone, he had a second-degree murder charge on his record, and no job.  He ended up homeless and in a shelter.  A lot to lose for a mistake.

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