When Should I Get a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is an order of protection set in place by the court that restricts an action or prevents one person from contacting or harassing another. There are several reasons for which you may request a restraining order from the court. The main reasons you can and should get a restraining order are explained in detail in this article.

When it’s the right time to get a restraining order

When you are experiencing physical violence

8415748034_27b921256f_zIf you can prove that you or your children have recently been hurt or threatened with physical violence the court will grant you a restraining order. A restraining order will prevent that person from abusing, contacting, harassing, threatening or communicating with you or your children. If it’s a spouse, then it may also cause him or her to move out of your home. That person will also not be able to own a firearm or come near your place of employment.

Psychological abuse

You can also get a restraining order if you are experiencing psychological abuse. If someone continually degrades you or is attempting to unreasonably control your actions or threatens to harm you or your loved ones, that is psychological abuse. If you are experiencing this kind of abuse and it’s affecting your everyday life, the court may grant you a restraining order against that person. This restraining order may prevent all contact whether by mail, phone, email, gift delivery or through third parties.

Depletion of assets

If you can prove that someone is moving or hiding money or destroying your assets the court may enter a restraining order to prevent this from happening any further.

Patent and trademark infringement

You can also get a restraining order during a patent and trademark infringement lawsuit If someone is using, selling or manufacturing an item that you have patented or is using a logo that you created and trademarked without your consent.



photo by Thomas Kriese on flickr