Rights Gained with a Medical Marijuana Card

While Arizona is a fairly new state to legalize the use of medical marijuana, there are laws and regulations set firmly in place for those who have obtained a medical marijuana “green card.” Below is a quick rundown of some of those laws that are in place to regulate patients who can legally, medically use marijuana.

What are a Cardholder’s Rights?

doctor talking to patientRight to Possess. After being prescribed a Medical Marijuana Registry ID card by an authorized doctor, a cardholder then has the right to possess marijuana when it is currently illegal for a non-cardholder to possess. A cardholder can possess up to 2.5 ounces at a time. Usually, their prescriptions can be filled every 2 weeks. Alternatively, if they are eligible to grow their own marijuana, they have the right to have 12 plants. There are rules and regulations on which patients can grow and who cannot. Usually, patients can grow their own if a dispensary is not within 25 miles of their residence.

Can’t Face Discrimination. A cardholder, under law, cannot be discriminated against based solely on the fact they are a medical marijuana cardholder. This means they cannot be denied employment if the employer knows they have a green card. The same anti-discrimination law pertains to other situations as well.

Laws That Still Pertain to Cardholders

Although it is legal for these select patients to possess and use marijuana medicinally, there are still many laws in place regulating their use. Marijuana is still an illegal substance federally and to non-cardholders. Those who have a card cannot smoke in public or drive under the influence of marijuana. Those with green cards must also obey the regulations their employer might have in place regarding marijuana. Their employment can still be terminated for violating workplace rules regarding drug use. Patients cannot use their medical diagnoses as an excuse for violating workplace regulations on drug use.

If you have a medical marijuana card and believe you have been falsely arrested or discriminated against, call us today. Our office specializes in drug crimes and can help you defend your rights as a cardholder.