How Do I Restore My Rights in Arizona?

Restoration of rights after a felony charge can be a timely processes or it can be automatic. So, after you’ve done your time, when will you get all of your rights back? Once a person completes their sentence, whether it be probation or imprisonment, they have the opportunity to clean up their criminal record. This process can be accomplished with the help of a good attorney.

Restoration of Rights

There are three statutes in Arizona that can be utilized to restore your rights:

Automatic restoration of rights

First-time felony offender’s civil rights, with the exception of the right to possess firearms, are automatically restored upon successful completion of their sentence. This includes payment of all fines and restitution.

Restoration of rights

A person whose term of probation has been completed may have their civil rights restored by a judge upon proper application. A petition to the court will be necessary to restore your civil rights so that you can vote and carry a gun as well. This is particularly important for people who feel it necessary to possess a firearm for protection purposes or for those who enjoy hunting.

Setting aside convictions

This statute allows a court to set aside a judgment of a convicted person after completing their sentence. Every person convicted of a criminal offense may, upon fulfilling the conditions of probation or sentence and discharge by the courts, apply to the judge who pronounced the sentence or imposed probation, to have the judgment set aside. The application must be made in writing before being considered by the court. If the judge grants the application, the court shall set aside the judgment of guilt, dismiss the accusations, and order the person released from all penalties except for penalties imposed relating to the use of a motor vehicle.



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