History of Abuse in Scottsdale Murder-Suicide

While all relationships eventually have their disputes, for some a dispute can quickly or even immediately escalate to domestic violence.  Be sure to secure the services of a competent attorney if you find yourself in such a situation or if ongoing violations occur on an existing case in order to protect your safety and/or the safety of your children.

An recent article discusses the murder of a Scottsdale woman by her estranged husband.  A construction worker saw the couple fighting for control of a handgun inside their home and went over and wrestled the gun away and led the woman and a child out.  The estranged husband found another gun and came out and told the worker to take the child away.  He then shot his wife and then committed suicide immediately following the murder.  In this unfortunate case the woman had taken out a protective order against her husband in 2009 due to his abusive and violent behavior.  Sadly, a second protective order and the removal of several fire arms had just been served by police a few days prior to the murder-suicide.

For those who are involved in an abusive relationship, the services of a competent lawyer can help.  For those who have previously been involved in an abusive relationship or who may have an existing protective order it is important to remain aware of your environment and to call 911 if the order is violated.  While police are there to help protect, it is impossible for them to keep watch on every protective order at all times and they need to be notified when violations occur.  In extreme cases and depending on the nature of the violent offender one of the better ways to stay safe is to seek refuge in a domestic abuse shelter or to utilize family or friends to help find a new place to live so that the offender is unable to find you.  Remember, the safety of you and your children is of paramount importance!

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