Differences between DUI and Extreme DUI in Arizona

DUI’s are not taken lightly in the state of Arizona. A first offense DUI is punishable automatically with at least 24 hours of mandatory incarceration. An extreme DUI is punishable with a minimum of 30 days of incarceration. Both are taken as serious offenses in Arizona, but there are some major differences. Let’s take a closer look at those differences between a DUI and Extreme DUI.

alcohol and keysAn DUI is marked primarily by a Blood Alcohol Concentration of at least 0.08, but below 0.150. A BAC above 0.150 is enforced as an Extreme DUI. There are also many differences in the penalties offenders will face with both crimes. As a first time offender, a DUI is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, which can include mandatory 24 hour incarceration, drug/alcohol screenings during counseling, a fine of at least $250, driver’s license suspension, interlock device installation, and a maximum of 5 years of probation. A first time Extreme DUI offense can include the same types of punishment, but the minimum incarceration time is increased to 30 days instead of 1 day. All of the penalties increase as the offenses become more. For example, if the offender has a prior DUI conviction in the last seven years, the minimum period of incarceration is 120 days.

There is a third category of DUI known as Super Extreme DUI, which is when the driver’s BAC is 0.200 or greater.

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