Arizona Dentists Require No Background Check?

You might expect a dental professional to be held to high professional standard by the Arizona Board. You might be wrong!

It turns out that dentists in Arizona are not required to carry malpractice insurance, undergo background checks prior to getting a license, or face any kind of regular inspections.  You’d be right to find this a little odd.  Other similar professions in Arizona that do require background checks include; doctors, nurses, pharmacists, teachers, behavioral health specialists, realtors, and funeral directors and embalmers.  Dentists should easily fit into that crowd!

So when picking a dentist be sure to do your homework prior to your visit.  Check online by practice name or by dentist name for any reviews or relevant information.  Talk to family or friends for recommendations or dentists to avoid.  Assuming that everything you researched looked good, either prior to or on the day of your appointment look around the office at the cleanliness of the staff, the office, the equipment that is used.  Appointments can be cancelled even at the last minute if needed.  In the unfortunate event that you are ever injured by a negligent dentist then don’t delay and get the advice of a competent lawyer.

With all of this said, it turns out that last year there was a bill proposed in legislative session, HB2496, which would essentially require background checks for dentists.  This bill would require any application for a dental or dental hygienist license or denturist certification to first obtain a valid fingerprint clearance card.  To obtain a fingerprint card is basically to pass a national background check.  If you are a dental professional please consider the value that obtaining a fingerprint card can add to your reputation and in reassuring your customers that there is nothing to hide.  If interested, our office can help you through the process of obtaining a fingerprint card.  Please don’t hesitate to call for consultation.

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