Is Immunity in Exchange for Testimony Real?

Under the Fifth Amendment of U.S. Constitution, all Americans have the right to remain silent in the criminal justice system. This guarantees that a person does not have to say anything that may incriminate them after they’re been arrested. But even if someone invokes the Fifth Amendment, the prosecutor may offer them immunity in exchange… Read more

What Are the Differences Between Murder and Manslaughter?

While it’s natural to be afraid of danger while out and about in the city, you should find ease in knowing homicide is on a quick decline in the last 30 years. There were 113 homicides in Phoenix in the year 2015, which is an all-time low for the past 30 years (source). While the… Read more

Know Your Rights: Legal Search and Seizure

It is fairly common knowledge that the citizens of the United States have rights protecting them against unlawful search and seizure by authorities. Your Fourth Amendment rights dictate that a law enforcement officer must have a warrant to search your home or car. And they have to have probable cause to even get the warrant…. Read more

The Safest Cities in Arizona and Their Crime Rates

Arizona is a beautiful up-and-coming state. Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the U.S., and it grows larger every year. performed a study to find out the safest cities in the state of Arizona, and we’d like to spread that information with you. Below is a list of their findings. The 5 safest… Read more