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i-firmoverviewMaking effective use of family law legal tools and options depends on finding the right attorney. As you consider which one to hire, it’s important to know that your attorney has experience in creatively solving family law problems, and has the determination to see each client fully realize their family law goals.

At the Phoenix, Arizona, family law firm of Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, our goal is to help families fully resolve their family law problems. We enjoy a reputation as attorneys who will take strong action for the benefit of each client facing divorce- and family law-related issues.

“I have lost many nights of sleep from working and worrying, trying everything possible to help my clients.”
Attorney Neal C. Taylor

We provide skilled and thorough legal help to parents and grandparents seeking custody and visitation rights, to spouses seeking fair spousal and child support payments, to divorcing couples seeking equitable property division, and to individuals served with an order for protection.

Do you face a family law legal challenge? Our three-member attorney team has a combined 75 years of legal experience. Our seasoned, passionate advocates know how to help families facing transitions. Whatever your challenge, you can be confident that we have successfully handled something like it in the past. We will identify the right strategy so that your rights are protected and your concerns addressed.

  • Have you been accused of domestic violence? As former criminal defense lawyers and prosecutors, we are skilled and knowledgeable in dealing with the criminal law ramifications of domestic violence charges, injunctions against harassmentand orders of protection.
  • Are you concerned you will lack income following your divorce? We can meet with you, discuss your career goals. We also work with vocational evaluators and to ensure your get a  fair alimony or spousal support
  • Are you concerned about the amount of time you will be with your children after your divorce? Is the other parent of your child trying to move awayand take the children? We are fully familiar with Supreme Court parenting plan guidelines, and can draft and advocate a parenting plan for submission to the court.
  • Are you interested in establishing paternityof a child? We use DNA testing to help mothers and fathers formalize child/father relationships.
  • Are you a grandparent seeking custodyor visitation rights?

At Burns, Nickerson & Taylor, we want to help you and your family. For more information about our firm, call or e-mail us.

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If you have questions regarding family law, contact our firm. We charge reasonable rates and accept Visa and MasterCard. We are available for weekend and evening appointments under special circumstances and are conveniently located in midtown Phoenix. To contact us, call 602-264-5555.